Planète Sauvage

For a daily trip, let yourself be tempted by the universe of the African wildlife. A wonderful place for a unique moment with the whole family. This wildlife park in the Vendee suggests you several activities. Under a warm atmosphere, come & admire animals from the 4 continents…

The safari part is 10km long and there is a halfway point where you can get out the car and stretch your legs and have a bite to eat. Feeding the animals out the window is a highlight as the cheeky goats at the mid-way picnic spot. In addition to the traditional drive through safari there is also:

- A dolphin show

- The “Jungle Temple” with rope bridge over Monkey area

- A nature park with roaming animals.

- Kiroukou’s Village, Madagascar Island & the Incas path

Discounted Tickets on sale at the reception!