Daily trips

Réseau cyclable de 500 km.

The “Nature Trails” across the dune and through the forest, marshes and pastures provide plenty of opportunity for great walks with lots to see in and around Saint-Jean-de-Monts. The Vendée have more than 150 km of safe cycle paths, running between the sea, the dunes, the forest, the salt marshes and pastureland, on both dedicated cycle paths (70 km) and shorter, quiet routes suitable for cycle rides. The absence of hills and the leisure facilities (picnic area, water points, bicycle service areas, etc) make them a family-friendly destination, all the year round.

pistes-cyclables.vendee.fr - www.saint-jean-de-monts.com
Shellfish gathering Shore fishing is practiced at low tide in the rocky zones or the sandblaster in which the fishermen collect shellfish, mollusks, fishes and sometimes sea urchins.
Sealand of Noirmoutier

Dive into cold and tropical seas at Noirmoutier’s Sealand. Children and adults love to explore the sea's flora and fauna and watch the sea lion show. 500,000 liters of sea water, a 200m path, 200 species and 1000 creatures. Visit duration: 1.5 hours.

EXPLORA PARK : 5 min. – 3,6 km

Situated in the center of St Jean De Monts forest, it provides you several sport and leisure activities.

CANOEING SALLERTAINE – « La route du Sel » : 19 min. – 18,4 km

Canoe ride through the picturesque Breton Marshes.

ECOMUSEE DAVIAUD : 14 min. – 11 km Situated at the heart of the vendee swamp, the Eco museum of Daviaud invites you to discover a singular and surprising territory! From the traditional brutish via former days gestures, come to discover the Vendee heritage. Meet some animals: local races being the object of program of protection or conservation. An exceptional ecological wealth. Observe the local flora and fauna. Real ornithological spot, it is an ideal place of observation for all the enthusiasts of birds and nature.