Compagnie Yeu Continent

Located 17 km from the Vendee mainland, the island is accessed by boat.

Crossings run year round from Port Fromentine (before reaching Noirmoutier) with the ferry company Compagnie Yeu Continent. Fromentine, a dainty, cute and welcoming seaside resort, is an ideal stopover before crossing off to the island. Crossing takes over 30 minutes.

The company sails with fleet of 2 fast boats: « Le pont d'Yeu » & « Le Châtelet » (welcoming up to 430 passengers).

If you wanted to take your car or travel at a more leisurely pace a daily car ferry also runs between Fromentine and Ile d’Yeu.

It is a relatively small & picturesque island being 10km by 4km at its widest points, and has a winter a population of 5000, which rises quite considerably in the summertime.

The main town of the island, and also the port by which you will arrive if you take the ferry, is Port Joinville. It is also the best place to sort out bike hire, or if you wish car hire to explore the island’s small roads and pathways.

Enjoy a lovely family day out not far away from Plein Sud!

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Compagnie Yeu Continent
Gare maritime
Port Fromentine
85550 La Barre-de-Monts